WN-1208 Cage Management System

Electrified Slide Door Security upgrade equipment

If you are truly interested in offering your customers enhanced state of the art cage security, we now offer the WN-1208 24VDC electrified receiver for your cage sliding doors.  This is in most cases, a direct bolt on replacement for your existing slide door gate lock receiver. This unit easily connects to your low voltage 24V service and attaches to your security protocol to monitor the entry of individuals into the cage via your access control system.  The WN-1208 unit includes a built-in integrated reader mounting plate large enough to accommodate most typically used readers. Various readers are available upon request (additional fee) and can even come pre-installed on your WN-1208 strike receiver, if desired.

The WN-1208 unit is fail secure so there is no need to worry about security issues when a loss of power to the unit is experienced for any reason. In case of an emergency or power failure, the cage remains locked and access to the WN-1208 equipped gate is available via use of the standard mortise lock keys already provided with the existing slide gate setup.  Additionally, emergency egress from the cage is available through standard operation of the gate’s mortise lockbox. This prevents the need to integrate these units into on-site Fire Suppression systems, a process which can be both time consuming and expensive in most instances.

Which model do I need?

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